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You can send any image as an e-card. After selecting an image look at the top right corner of the page. It will look like this:

Click on the icon.


To order high quality prints please contact me directly at:


If you are interested in a specific photo or a theme please get in touch with me - I have several thousand images available, including non-cropped versions of the images at this site. The native resolution of most photos is 8-12 MPix. Photos that appear wide and "thin" are most likely panoramas. Their resolution is over 25 Mpix.


About the images
I try to avoid popular tourist areas and don't go to game farms or work with domesticated animals. The images on this site are only minimally edited in Photoshop. This includes cropping, adjusting exposure, contrast and color balance and eliminating spot defects. None of the photos are digitally manipulated or composed. The only exception are panoramas which are digitally stitched. Filters are limited to UV, polarizer and occasionally neutral density.


I am the copyright owner of all the images on this site, unless noted otherwise.  You are welcome to use the images free of charge for strictly personal purposes that do not include public display (for example, you are not allowed to use them in web sites, including non-commercial and personal ones).  Any commercial use or use involving public display, even by non-profit organizations, is prohibited unless you contact me directly and receive a written release. You can contact me at: